Controller Compatible with Project Leonardo

PlayStation to Announce New Accessibility Controller Compatible with Project Leonardo

The Snitch is everyone’s favorite industry leaker. The source has now dropped a new secret bombshell on its public Discord. The Insider Gaming has reported that a disreputable leaker earlier ran the @insider_wtf account on Twitter. The leaker suggested some remarkable early announcements such as Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning-Shores expansion and Final Fantasy XVI’s release date.

However, it has blown back with the news indicating some types of announcements on new 3rd party content is threatening. The Snitch has become a dependable leaker for providing some serious information. But we are not lying for reporting on every questionable and groundless leak or rumor. The Snitch claimed that a dependable source has informed that PlayStation is expected to present 3rd party stuff soon.

Xbox will hold its Display Event on January 26

This leak clearly indicates various things but a new State of Play presentation is one of the best suggestions. PlayStation-exclusive will supposedly have plenty of future titles but it is still in a vacuum including the release dates. However, rumors constantly whirling around games such as the often-rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake.

Last year, the last PlayStation display in September was seemingly the State of Play. The showcase presented a combination of first and 3rd party titles such as Tekken 8 and God of War Ragnarök. However, Xbox is also conducting its own display on January 26, 2023, with the Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct.

Sony will Present New PS5 Accessibility Controller

Two weeks ago, we reported that project Leonardo is an upcoming PS5 accessibility controller from Sony. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan introduced Project Leonardo during the Sony CES 2023 keynote. The latest invention is a new accessibility controller designed for PlayStation 5. This move is considered a major step and massive push for PlayStation’s video game accessibility.

Meanwhile, its first-party studios became pioneers at the software level. But it is now coming to fulfillment in specific hardware that its competitor Xbox has had in some way. The contribution of experts in the field of developers, accessibility, and community members are developing Project Leonardo. The project is aimed at working out of the context to support gamers with multiple abilities to play more comfortably.

Project Leonardo is Compatible with PS5

However, the Project Leonardo controller would enable users to customize the hardware. They can use swappable buttons and analog stick caps to establish their own existing experience according to their desire. On the other hand, it is reportedly compatible with the PS5 to enable custom button mapping and easily moveable profiles.

Keep in mind that custom button mapping is aimed to work with other hardware such as multiple Project Leonardo kits. This project features a range of 3rd party components, Dual-Sense controllers, and other devices. Meanwhile, Project Leonardo is part of the PS5 product series and features a similar design concept. All players enjoying the world of PlayStation together motivated the idea.

A Team of Professionals Tested Multiple Designs

Moreover, a team of professionals tested more than a dozen designs with accessibility experts seeking significant approaches. These measures would support addressing major issues to efficient controller use. The team finally moved on to a split controller design that enables near free-form right/left thumb-stick position modification. One can use it without needing to hold it and it features stick cap swapping and a more comfortable button.

Meanwhile, players can also customize the Project Leonardo controller according to their desire. The company needs to empower players to develop their own customized configurations. The controller is capable of flexibly accepting the combinations of accessories and accessibility to construct an exclusively enriching. Keep in mind that the design is expected to be completed in coordination with players instead of presenting them individually.

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