Best Minecraft Servers

Here are the 5 Best Minecraft Servers to Play Bedwars in 2023

Bedwars is a gaming mode for the most entertaining Minecraft game aimed at PvP (player versus player) battle. Teams always try to destroy all beds of the opponent and protect their own beds from destruction. There is a plethora of servers available to jump into if players need to fun multiplayer experience in Bedwars.

Most of these servers are entirely unique according to their mechanism to the famous game mode. Meanwhile, some of them are operating on different versions of Minecraft. It depends on the approach of a player but it is a good idea to find different servers. There are various servers for the Minecraft community offering Bedwars gameplay.

Bedwars servers are efficiently offering Minecraft, so take a look at some of the best available options in 2023.

Hypixel Server

Hypixel is still the most famous Minecraft server of all time because there is an excellent reason behind it. This server has the capability to facilitate various types of imaginable games more efficiently. Meanwhile, Hypixel adds sophisticated and fun content-based options for most of their game modes.

This significant capability also expands their famous PvP modes such as Bedwars and others. There is always someone available to team up with or take on an encounter against in the gaming mode of the Bedwars. However, there is a significant number of Minecraft players currently enjoying the server.

Pika Network Server

This is a significantly most famous server maintained with thousands of daily and readily available active players. Pika Network has shown a significant boost despite its initial reputation. The platform is now offering more than 2 dozen different game modes such as Bedwars.

This specific server is remarkably active even with the server standards of Minecraft. It is continuously updating its worlds and refreshing the community with new events and content. Bedwars is also included in these updates and players can always discover new ways to enjoy the server.

Jartex Network Server

Jartex Network is the most famous server that offers various different game modes. The network sustains a population of several hundred to more than 1,000 online players on a regular basis. They have a well-developed Bedwars world similar to their Faction’s PvP or Skyblock.

Moreover, Jartex offers a number of protections against cheating, targeted harassment, and distress. Their well-committed round-the-clock staff of servers is more efficient and is ready to resolve problems as soon as possible. Their forum also provides a guide to players of Bedwars to support them to boost their game mode speed.

Mush MC Server

Mush MC is based in Brazil and was established in 2016. The platform beats to provide players with remarkable PvP and mini-games options. Mush MC celebrates high uptime and rapid responses to any issue or even suddenly generated inter-player problems. The firm has a professional team of dozens of brilliant staff members.

The Discord community of the server maintains at least 3,000 members. It makes the operation of team-building and discovering fellow players simply experience Bedwars gaming. However, Minecraft players will not discover specific game modes on this server such as Creative or Survival. Keep in mind that it is still a one-stop shop for PvP and mini-games activities.

Blocks-MC Server

You will find Blocks-MC as a cracked server and can access it without distress for having a Microsoft or Mojang account. Block-MC effectively offers simple Bedwars and a solo variant of Bewars that is perfect for one-on-one contests. However, solo Bedwars aimed at good practice prior to taking on various players on a complete map of Bedwars.

Meanwhile, Blocks-MC holds a central hub and the players of Minecraft can meet here with each other. It enables them to dive into their desired mini-games or other specific game modes. Blocks-MC enables team communication by providing a public TeamSpeak server.

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