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Best 7 Escape Room Activities For Your child to achieve Advanced Mental Growth 

Escape room games are gaining exponential popularity and recognition in today’s world. Although this adventure thriller concept was introduced almost a decade ago, it has maintained relevance in today’s tech-savvy era.  

That is possible for escape games perfectly amalgamate many engaging elements, from mind-blowing storylines to enticing setups. Brands like Mind Busting Escape Rooms offer an enthralling balance of thrill and adventure to escapees that take their minds entirely off of technological gadgets. 

Escape room games do a  commendable job when it comes to immersing their participants in the storyline. But that’s not all! These heart-palpitating thrillers also contribute to your child’s mental development. Are you wondering how? Well, allow us to elaborate. 

Unlike the mainstream video games, escape room adventures enable the participants to be physically present in a stimulating environment. The real-time challenges offered by an escape room encourage a child to adopt new strategies. All these aspects facilitate the players to work together and conquer the victory. This article will discuss 7 ways an escape room activity will help your child achieve advanced mental growth. So, let’s get started -  

  1. Makes them alert and aware of the surroundings

As we mentioned, escape room games revolve around a dedicated storyline. The entire room is intricately designed to recreate the original setup. For example, a Sci-Fi thriller fiction will have an outstanding laboratory setup. On the other hand, a horror-themed escape room will be stacked up with jump scares and horror elements. The rooms are curated in a way that a hint or a clue could be hidden anywhere. Thus, it encourages the participants to focus on every nook and cranny. Ultimately, it makes your child alert and aware of their surroundings. They are encouraged to pay attention to everything that is around them. Thus, this gaming session simply boosts the alertness and awareness of a child and contributes to their mental development. 

  1. Enhances memory retention 

How can you consider something a mystery unless and until it challenges your brain power, right? Well, escape room games are known to perplex the participants. So one of the only ways out of this escape room game is to find your way around the confusing puzzles and mysteries. Undeniably, to decode and decipher all these mysteries, the players must remember the storyline and its crucial details. Furthermore, one must also keep in mind the clues and hints discovered during the game. All these factors enhance the data and memory retention power of a kid. 

  1. Instils teamwork 

We all know that escape room games are designed for a group of participants. The central premise of this adventure thriller is that a group of individuals is locked up inside a mini-dungeon that is packed with puzzles and mysteries. But the most exciting aspect is that every escape room game has a time limit. So, in this environment, each and every team member is expected to work together as this helps them achieve the main objective.  When kids perform in an escape room, they learn to function with other participants and work together to conquer the challenges. 

  1. Encourage healthy communication 

In an escape room game, the participants are encouraged to communicate with the entire team. We firmly believe that participants should stay organized and involve all the group members. Undoubtedly, this will only happen when the players decide to interact with each other. For instance, if you come across any potential hints and clues, alert your teammates. Or, if they come across a challenging riddle, they can inform everyone. This will help the participants brainstorm together and figure out a relevant solution. All this, in turn, encourages healthy communication among the players.  

  1. Promotes out of the box thought process

Let’s face it, and you cannot solve a mind-baffling mystery until you decide to think outside the box. An escape room offers an enigmatic environment where mysteries and puzzles are hidden in every corner of the room. The participants must figure out a way to solve these riddles and unravel the actual mystery to escape. Therefore, it encourages a child to look at things differently. The challenging environment of an escape room pushes your child to adopt a wider outlook toward different scenarios. Ultimately, this promotes out-of-the-box thought processing abilities. 

  1. Enforces time management 

Do you know what adds the extra fun and thrill to an escape room?  – the ticking time bomb! Participants are usually given 60 to 150 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape. In order to do so, all the players have to work strategically to save some time. This interesting concept of an escape game encourages a child to understand the importance of time management. Since the target has to be achieved in a given time, an escape game enforces time management skills in your child.  

  1. Boots’ problem-solving abilities 

Mysteries, riddles, and problems are scattered in almost every corner of an escape room game. Once the team solves all the puzzles and overcomes the hurdles, only then can they win the challenge. This implies that any participant in an escape room game has to solve numerous problems. And the more they play escape rooms, the more the activity eventually boosts their problem-solving abilities. As we mentioned above, it also encourages the child to think outside the box and switch to a different perspective. All these factors enhance and boost the mental growth of a child.  

Wrapping Up  :

Escape room games are meticulously designed to offer maximum benefits to the participants. Along with the highly captivating storylines, intricate designs, and setups, these adventure thrillers also positively contribute to your mental development. In the above article, we have discussed 7 ways an escape room activity will help your child achieve advanced mental growth. Each and every element present inside an escape room game promotes your child’s cognitive development. We trust that this article will help you understand the benefits of playing an immersive escape room adventure.

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