World’s First 11.1.4-Channel Soundbar Room-filling Sound System

World’s First 11.1.4-Channel Soundbar Room-filling Sound SystemSamsung has presented a wide range of high-fidelity audio solutions for a variety of experiences and living spaces over the years. A plethora of devices, televisions, and other latest solutions are playing a role in people’s lives. The company released the world’s first 11.1.4 channel soundbar with room-filling sound. Samsung’s relentless audio innovation has helped bring about high-end technology and consumer experiences. The latest innovation is underpinned by a focus on research and development and emerging content formats to adapt consumer feedback and behavior. Point to be noted that Samsung released its HW-K950 soundbar in 2016, which transformed static sound into 3-dimensional formats. It allows users to enjoy sound that moves up and down and from left to right. The company has invested in expanding these features since then.

The newly-released HW-Q950A soundbar from the company efficiently delivers a more advanced 11.1.4–channel set up to provide a more vivid surround sound effect in action–packed scenes like those involving car chases and airplanes in flight. Samsung’s 2021 HW-Q950A soundbar produces a standard of high-quality sound. However, other premium AV receivers would need double the power and number of inputs to match. The new HW-Q950A soundbar uses only 4 speakers including a main soundbar speaker, a subwoofer, and two rear speakers. It is noteworthy that a 2-channel system consists of a stereo with 2 speakers on the left and right. A 3-channel system adds an additional speaker to this 2-channel setup for crisper audio output. 3.1–channel setups feature an additional subwoofer (the .1 channel) for low-frequency sounds, but 5.1-channel systems add rear speakers to deliver enhanced sound that extends behind viewers.

The 5.1.4–channel setup includes 2 additional height channel speakers to produce a 3-dimensional surround sound to deliver the sound of objects moving off-screen. Most sounds often reflect off walls, ceilings, and floors in traditional home viewing setups, depending on the size of the room. Samsung has developed the SpaceFit Sound feature to reduce such disparities, which harmonizes audio levels and contributes to sounds being delivered as they were originally developed in production. You should select Samsung soundbars to utilize the built-in microphone and DSP in QLED TVs in order to deliver optimal sound after recognizing the size and reverberation characteristics of the room. The Samsung soundbar models above the HW-Q900A also include the Auto EQ feature, which analyzes surrounding spaces with a built-in microphone mounted on the subwoofer instead of using the TV microphone.

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