UK will launch its own Satellite Navigation System

UK plans its own satellite navigation systemReports have indicated the UK will not involve in the Galileo positioning satellites of European Union due to the country has been planning for a tougher spot. Most tech experts believe that the UK might get the most perfect navigation tech after officially building its own satellite network. Sources informed The Telegraph that the British Prime Minister Theresa May has shown her dedication and ordered the establishment of a UK-based satellite positioning system. Its estimated cost will be up to 128.5 million U.S dollars (100 million British pounds) reserve for mapping out regarding its functionality. The insiders also indicated that an official announcement might take place during current or next week.

It is still unclear that when the UK will launch its operational network, but it might depend on the initial study results. Most tech experts believe that self-developed network will be more expensive as one of them indicated that it might cost at least 3 billion British pounds. It would be easy to anticipate resistance to the plan after declaring it official. Point to be noted that the UK does have powerful benefits to establish its own satellites rather than depending on others. The country might not have access to the most perfect encrypted signal of Galileo. The United States reserves its most perfect GPS data for the U.S military. It is important that an in-house system could be the only way of getting the location perfection and security essential for the British armed forces.

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