Tissot Smart-Touch Has One Year Battery Timing With One Recharge

tissot-smart-touchLast year, the “Swatch” technically released smart-watches in the form of the Touch Zero One and Bellamy last year. Their targeted focus made them cranny tools for the payments of volleyball. There is a different story in 2016 because “Swatch” has presented the Tissot Smart-Touch with enhanced functionalities for smart-watches. it is not an entire computing device compared to the offers of TAG Heuer, but it is still useful in such specific conditions. It enables you to pair it with your smart-phone for navigation using the smart-watch and screen. There is also a solar-powered weather station that broadcasts local environmental conditions to the display of your Smart-Touch.

You will be able to get an altimeter and modern facilities such as automatic update of time. It has remarkable battery timing and you can use it by charging once in a year, and you can also recharge it by solar power. Its estimated price is between 1,100 and 1,200 U.S dollars. The company also declared that the Smart-Touch will be useful as a watch, if your phone stops working for integration and its launch is not a major surprise. This main issue is that will this brand would continue the concerned path. A number of Swiss watchmakers are indicating their names on latest devices. Most of the tech experts believe that we will not be able in getting grand expectations. The company has planned to sell more than 30 thousand Smart-Touch units in the first year.

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