Sony will launch PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital on Thursday 12th November 2020

Sony will launch PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital on Thursday 12th November 2020Today, Sony will mark the beginning of a new generation of gaming for PlayStation fans. The company will officially launch PlayStation 5 on Thursday 12th November 2020. There are two versions to be offering including PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital. The retail price for the PS5 is set at $500 and $400 for PS5 Digital. Most gaming fans are still looking to secure their PS5 order and need to purchase the console on release day. Point to be noted that Sony has confirmed the PlayStation 5 will only be available via select retailers’ online stores on 12th November, due to safety precautions amid COVID-19. So, most people have already preordered their PS5 and selected in-store pickup. It’s possible that any of the major retailers could have the PS5 in stock online at launch.

The PS5 preorder date and time wasn’t announced beforehand, and the console still managed to sell out in less than 10 minutes. Buying a PS5 online on launch day will involve lots of refreshing and a good deal of luck. Walmart will release PS5 stock in multiple waves including 12 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM, and 9 PM ET. It is noteworthy that the stock will be extremely limited, so you should be ready at your computer at those times. Target has also confirmed the online availability of PS5 on 12th November. We expect Target will make availability of PS5 around 9 PM PT/midnight ET tonight and Newegg will also start selling PS5 around the same time. The GameStop hasn’t yet announced its plan for the PS5 launch day.

The stores of GameStop will likely have limited stock on Thursday and confirmed it’ll have the PS5 in stores on 27th November (Black Friday) when stores open at 7 AM. You will have another chance if you miss purchasing PS5 at launch because all stores will have at least 2 PS5 consoles. But, Best Buy has confirmed that any PS5 units will not be available throughout the entire holiday season. You can also find the PlayStation 5 and its accessories on reseller sites such as eBay and StockX. It is noteworthy that Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Newegg, Amazon, and GameStop will sell the PlayStation 5 at $500 and PlayStation 5 Digital at $400. The resell prices at StockX are currently between $700 and $800.

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