Pixel Devices from Google will be sold at Retail Stores

Google will sell Pixel devices at retail storesGoogle has switched into a serious hardware company. The company has been planning to launch new Pixel 3 phones, Pixel Buds, and a wear-OS smartwatch. Google is currently selling lines of Daydream VR headsets, Pixelbooks, Nest, and Chromecast products. Point to be noted that Google hasn’t any retail store, but it might be changed very soon. The Chicago Tribune reported that the company is planning a 2-level shop in a 14 thousand square feet building near its Chicago headquarter at Fulton Market District. Now, Google is too close to open brick and mortar retail locations. They planned to launch a retail shop half a block away from an Apple Store in New York in 2015, but the company was unable to continue this project.

The company is currently operating its Google Shop inside Currys in London, and pop-up stores in New York, LA, and elsewhere. But, various challenges might be experienced by the company. Google doesn’t have as many smartphone models as Apple, but it does have more speakers and various other products. It could easily fill up the rest of the space with Android phones, watches and other products from brands such as LG, Sony, and Samsung. Apple sells at least 10% of its smartphones in Stores, so a retail outlet would certainly boost sales for Google devices. It is important that it would add some prestige to the brand and give folks that all essential tactile experience before buying devices.

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