Movidius Neural Compute Stick will be available at $79: Intel

Movidius Neural Compute Stick will be available at $79: IntelMovidius had announced its Fathom Neural Compute Stick last year. It is a USB thumb drive having super accessible image-based deep learning capabilities. But in the month of September 2016, Intel bought Movidius and delayed the expected winter release of Fathom. Now, Intel has recently announced that the deep neural network processing stick will be presented with its new name and Intel has given a new name “Movidius Neural Compute Stick”. It is especially designed for researchers, manufacturers and product developers. Inter said in a statement that the major objective of the Movidius Neural Compute Stick is to decrease barriers for developing, tuning and deploying the Artificial Intelligence applications by offering specific high-performance deep-neural network process ability in a small device.

Intel’s Compute Stick will be presented with a Myriad 2 Version Processing Unit and it normally uses just 1 watt of power. It is a similar processing unit used by VR headsets, thermal camera cores, Phantom 4 drone of DJI and in some security cameras. You will be able to convert a trained Caffe-based neural network to run on the Myriad 2 using the Compute Stick and entire process can be done offline. Moreover, the device will provide a significant amount of help with the Artificial Intelligence computing power right to the laptop of a user without to tap into a cloud-based system. You can also use multiple Compute Sticks together to boost it in getting extra amount of processing power. Intel has indicated that Movidius Neural Compute Stick will be available at a price of 79 U.S dollars.

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