Motorola officially announced the launch of Edge S smartphone on 26th January 2021

Motorola officially announced the launch of Edge S smartphone on 26th January 2021Motorola launched the Edge series of smartphones in mid-2020. Now, the company has confirmed its new flagship line Motorola Edge S to launch very soon. The Edge smartphones were presented with curved edged-screens. The Motorola Edge S is actually the Edge 2, but it is supposed the numerical version might come later. Some authentic sources have confirmed that the new device from Motorola is expected to launch on 26th January 2021. The Edge is a great mid-range handset and the Edge Plus is an impressive premium device. Point to be noted that the company has officially confirmed that the Motorola Edge S smartphone is scheduled to launch on 26th January 2021. The Motorola Edge and Edge Plus were launched in April 2020 and released in a staggered formation.

The Edge smartphone was first available in the UK and then the Edge Plus launched in the United States. Both phones became available in both countries and beyond. The company hasn’t yet disclosed the price of the Motorola Edge S. But, we can make a guess based on the other models’ costs. The mid-range Motorola Edge was available at £549 / $699, while the premium Edge Plus priced at $999 / £1,050. You may find many similar prices if the Motorola Edge S really is an Edge 2. But, it could be a little cheaper if it’s a budget version of that handset. Motorola has also confirmed the device will come with the newly-launched Snapdragon 870 chipset from Qualcomm. The company also confirmed that one of its 2021 smartphones would use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. Moreover, there will be multiple Edge S phones with different chipsets.

The Motorola Edge S is a 5G phone based on precedent and the chipset selections. We don’t know more details about the new upcoming Edge S smartphone. There were a few leaks circulated about the screen sizes and battery life. The new device has a curved-edge design feature and excellent accidental touch protection. Motorola actually added some new tools for the curved-edge display. Most of us need to see more functions in the Motorola Edge S smartphones. Motorola Edge had a 64MP main snapper and the Edge Plus went up to 108MP. You might find a change of focus with the Edge S line, instead of chasing high megapixels. The upcoming device could provide much better photography with lower-resolution and bigger sensors.

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