Motorola is adding AI with Police Body Cams in Chicago

body camsMotorola has been considered smart-phone manufacturer, but the company has now presented some valuable solutions. Motorola is adding machine learning to its surveillance devices that are being used by the law enforcement agencies. Police officers in Waukegan police department Chicago are already using Si500 body cams of Motorola. Now, those similar cameras will be delivered by adding Artificial Intelligence. It will provide a significant amount of help to police officers in identifying missing objects and people. The company is working with Neurala using its prototype device and initiated a deep learning that recently attached its software with drones for tracking robbers and thieves in Africa. These specific cameras will have the ability to identify images in order to communicate data with other Si500 devices in the near future.

For example, if a police officer is looking to find a missing child, the body cam will learn the resemblance of missing child from an image. The info will be distributed automatically to other police officers wearing the Si500 devices. It will allow them to participate in the search process. Neurala also claimed that its Artificial Intelligence will be able to select a targeted person in crowded public places. People believe that after using AI-joined surveillance systems will raise concerns over public privacy and expected misuse of this technology. But, advanced technology may provide a significant amount of help to law enforcement agencies, such as British police arrested a man last month using the automatic facial-recognition software.

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