IPhone 6 Missing Text Issue Resolved

iPhone 6 Missing TextApple has launched a good system of management for all those who are receiving messages from some other iOS stage. There are several people who need a good system of management to get over this issue. The problem is occurring due to the iMessage system. if you have switched over from an iOS device to another phone system then all you need to do now is to switch off your iMessage system which would take you off your Apple account for ever.  This is not a big issue, all you need to do is to punch in your phone number of the deregistration website. Once you do this the website would send you a code. This code would help you in verifying the action of unregistering that you have done. Once you manage this well, you can easily handle things out by not having to face this issue. You would be unregistered from the Apple account and there would no longer be any kind of problem. Apple has been he craze of town and with every new iPhone model coming in every year people are buying it is large numbers but because it is costly it is not easy fro every one to change into a new phone every year. Several people have shifted over to over phones which need to unregister their Apple.

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