Google to Launch New TV Set-top Boxes With Android

Google TV set-top boxGoogle keep continue the efforts to score its TV project after failure in the first attempt. Numbers of TV set top boxes are being produced by Mountain View Calif Company. These TV set top boxes will run on the Android software. These set top boxes will allow user to watch TV, play games and listen music through their Android Phone.

Google is planning t introduced at least one set box and newly introduced Android software for television on Wednesday. In its I/O developer conference, Google is going to introduce Android smart watch with the cooperation of its business partners LG and Samsung. The introduction of set boxes via Android Software is the third revolution in the television industry of the world according to the experts. Unfortunately, the previous attempt of the company in 2010 was failed and Google told it as “mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature”.

After the failure of the first attempt, the major Google partners are using their own set top boxes and software for the TV. The Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV are already in the market and earning huge profit every year. The report shows that the TV sales will increase by 330 million units by 2017. The figure is double as compare to the last year calculations and here Google can make profit. Therefore Google considering it so important and doing second try to overcome the things caused its failure in 2010.

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