Get TCL 65-inch 65Q825 and 75-inch 75Q825 Mini-LED 8-Series

TCL 65-inch 65Q825 and 75-inch 75Q825 Mini-LED 8-SeriesTCL has built a reputation in the United States over the past couple of years. The company first presented its low-cost screens that dominated Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. TCL then offered its award-winning 6-Series mid-range screen. Moreover, TCL still doesn’t have a high-end screen to compete with LG, Sony, and Samsung. The range-topping TCL 8-Series is now available to order at Best Buy in 2 screen sizes, including 65-inch 65Q825 and new 75-inch 75Q825. Both use TCL’s mini-LED technology to close the gap between LED-LCD and OLED.

The mini-LED panels pack in more LEDs into each inch of the 8-Series screens than traditional TVs. TCL has indicated that there are at least 25,000 in the 75-inch version that should ensure even light distribution, uniform color reproduction, and wider viewing angles. The only problem is that with better performance, comes higher prices as well. The 65-inch 65Q825 costs 2,000 U.S dollars and the 75-inch 75Q825 goes for a cool 3,000 U.S dollars. For a company that built its reputation on low-cost screens, the higher-end 8-Series is a real departure for the company. The 65-inch model is twice as expensive as a similar-sized 6-Series, and the 75-inch model is three times the cost.

The point TCL would drive home here is that these are some of the first TVs to use the mini-LED technology that got a lot of air time during CES this year, and cost substantially less than the micro-LED TVs that Samsung unveiled around the same time. Where it stands in contrast to Samsung’s new micro-LED TVs like the 292-inch screen it calls The Wall are unclear but, from the information given to us by the two companies, TCL’s mini-LED seems to offer similar benefits. You can now get both the TCL 65-inch 65Q825 and TCL 75-inch 75Q825 from Best Buy.

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