Get New Apple Watch 5 on 10 September 2019

Get New Apple Watch 5 on 10 September 2019The Apple Watch claims the best selling smartwatch title. Currently, Apple Watch 4 is the most efficient device of the company. It has been considered one of the best smartwatches packed with a number of new top-end features. Apple has presented an ECG monitor and fall detection in it’s Series 4. The company offered a refreshed design and more screen space. Apple is supposed to present the new iPhone and expected to launch on 10 September alongside the next iPhone. Most of us are expecting it to be named the Apple Watch Series 5. You will discover a selection of improvements we’d like to see on the next smartwatch from Apple.

It is noteworthy that Apple frequently introduces its smartwatches alongside the new iPhone. So, this date seems likely for a launch as that’s the next big Apple event. Apple normally introduces devices and then releases them 10 days after its announcement, so it might be 20 September. The first major report comes from trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He said the company may be set to introduce a new ceramic casing design on at least one model. He added that Apple will bring support for the ECG monitor to more countries with the Apple Watch 5. It may be a software upgrade for the Apple Watch 4. You will also find a new way to charge your watch.

Kuo believes Apple will adopt two-way wireless charging on its next generation of smartphones. So, you will be able to place your Apple Watch on the rear of an iPhone 11 and charge it up using the phone’s battery. When we talk about its expected price, the price is set to increase from the RRP of the Apple Watch 4. The price for the smallest GPS version is expected at 399 U.S dollars and 429 U.S dollars for the larger 44mm. if you are using mobile internet, you can buy the smaller watch at 499 U.S dollars and 529 U.S dollars for the larger version.

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