Samsung Bespoke Jet

Bespoke Jet Clean Station offers Efficient & Hygienic Cleaning

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of the Bespoke Jet on 14th January. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner with the ‘All-in-One Clean Station’, to deliver germs-free cleaning with a 99% Multi-Layered Filtration System. Moreover, there is a dock in its All-in-One Clean Station to charge the vacuum cleaner and automatically empty the dustbin. The Bespoke Jet is lightweight and features a more advanced Digital Inverter Motor compared to its predecessor for more hygienic cleaning.

The device has also been recognized as an Honoree at the CES Innovation Awards 2021. Samsung Electronics Executive VP and Head of Customer Experience of the Digital Appliances Business, Hyesoon Yang said cleanliness is now at the top priority for consumers around the world, so the company needed to make a product to deliver more advantageous and extraordinary features to keep users’ homes clean.

Yang added that the Samsung Bespoke Jet can efficiently deliver effectiveness with increased performance to keep your floors clean. The device has a beautiful design and can fit seamlessly into any room in your home. The Bespoke Jet features the All-in-One Clean Station to keep a user’s space germs-free after cleaning. Moreover, the All-in-One Clean Station has the ability to empty its dustbin automatically when docked without dust escaping using Air Pulse tech from Samsung. The device can automatically charge the vacuum cleaner at the same time. The Multi-Layered Filtration System of the device ensures that only clean air is released from the Bespoke Jet during cleaning. The main cyclone of the device can efficiently segregate major dust particles as air sucks in and then picks up in a metal mesh grille filter.

The device also features a microfilter to catch fine dust particles and a fine dust filter finally traps easily escaping micro dust. Point to be noted that the entire parts and filter of Bespoke Jet are washable to keep them germ-free and clean. The Bespoke Jet can give maximum suction to finalize the work efficiently whether you use it on carpets or floors. Moreover, Samsung Digital Inverter Motor is 47% lightweight compared to the Jet90’s motor and has the ability to generate 210W of suction power. Users can enjoy powerful suction and clean air with its Jet Cyclone. The Jet Cyclone can make the foremost air path to decrease air resistance and reduce the loss of suction to antiseptically trap fine dust particles sucked into the Bespoke Jet with a multi-cyclone structure efficiently.

Point to be noted that the weight of the Bespoke Jet is just 1.44kg and can easily be used to clean the entire house more efficiently. You can clean your sofas, chairs, tables, length of window blinds, top of cabinets, and underside of appliances more intelligently. The device also features an LCD Digital Display to support up to 28 languages. It can provide all the essential information such as the remaining battery time and suction level settings. You can also get the report about any issues including clogging, missing filters, and provides a guide to overcome such issues. Moreover, the Bespoke Jet has a bigger battery and can run for up to an hour. The vacuum cleaner also features an advanced Spray Spinning Sweeper with dual spinning wet pads to rotate for up to 100 minutes.

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