Apple will launch more advanced Apple Watch 7 Very Soon

Apple will launch more advanced the Apple Watch 7 Very SoonReports have indicated that Apple has planned to present its next top-end smartwatch, the Apple Watch 7. It will be launched alongside the Apple Watch SE 2 with some new and advanced features. There aren’t many Apple Watch 7 leaks. Apple CEO Tim Cook also said, “There’s a ton of innovation left to go in there and we are in the early innings, think about the number of sensors in your car. And arguably, your body is much more important than your car”. A famous rumor Might Kuo earlier released a similar prediction and said, “The new Apple Watch shipment’s momentum in 2021 will benefit from innovative health management functions and improved form factor design”. Point to be noted that there could be a new health feature, the glucometer to measure blood sugar levels.

This feature would provide ease for diabetic patients who need to keep a constant eye on their blood sugar. The Apple Watch 7 strap could also be a big change, a strap with a battery embedded within it, in order to increase the battery life of the Apple Watch. However, ideas in patents often don’t get used, so don’t count on seeing this. A recent leak suggests the new Apple Watch model will be launched in the 2nd half of 2021. Another leak says the launch event for Apple Watch 7 will take place in September. However, there isn’t any detail about its price but we can expect a similar price of Apple Watch 6 at $399. We’ve also seen a patent showing the possibility of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner being added to a future Apple Watch.

It is noteworthy that the Apple Watch 6 is a great smartwatch but it wasn’t the most exciting of updates. Sleep tracking on the Apple Watch 6 is basic, to say the least. However, there’s no information on how long you spent in each type of sleep such as light, deep, and REM, or any information on how your sleep affected your stress levels using the official feature. The Apple Watch 6 is great as a basic fitness tracker, but for more serious athletes it might feel lacking, for example, you can’t set up interval training. Apple might offer new hardware or new software features, but we need sleep tracking should be better on the Apple Watch 7. Moreover, the Apple Watch 6 is a great basic fitness tracker, but it might feel lacking for more serious athletes. Apple Watch users also need improvements in both GPS and training options for the new Apple Watch 7.

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