Apple will add Sensor-shift Technology & Greater Zoom in its New iPhone 12

Apple will add Sensor-shift Technology & Greater Zoom in its New iPhone 12Most of us believe Apple will launch the iPhone 12 within the next 6-months. The latest prediction came from a famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. MacRumors reported that Kuo has suggested the company has advanced camera technology aimed for its top-level iPhone 12 models. The new features show a new and advanced technique for image stabilization, also called Sensor-shift technology. It allows the actual image sensor itself to move slightly and efficiently. It is important that this new technology also supports handling the movement and vibrations in a similar way to how optical image stabilization allows a camera’s lenses to move.

Kuo also suggested the feature will come exclusively to a 6.7-inch iPhone model during the current year, so it leaves out any other models of the iPhone. A 6.7-inch model would be Apple’s largest iPhone screen and this could be the first instance of Apple further delineating between phone models with special features. Apple kept the camera features the same between the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max as well as between the iPhone XS and XS Max for the 2018 and 2019 iPhones. So, it seems Kuo is suggesting that a presumed iPhone 12 Pro would lack this sensor-shift technology while an iPhone 12 Pro Max would have it.

The new sensor-shift technology is coming this year and Kuo has suggested Apple may jump onto a growing industry trend of extra zoom capabilities. It will come in the form of a periscope lens like that found on the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 devices or the Huawei P30 family. A periscope lens can offer extra optical zoom power for a smartphone by orienting the lens vertically in the phone and using a mirror to angle it out the back of the phone. It allows a much longer focal length without requiring an increase in the thickness of the device. The feature provides considerably more zoom power compared to its current 2X limit.smartphone

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