Apple Updates Warranty Policy – You can Replace The Dying Battery Sooner Than Before

AppleApple issued a statement that company has updated its warranty policy; it will also support users to exchange battery in their iPhones in a least amount of time than before. This new updated Apple-Care-Plus policy indicates that Apple will change battery or in case change your complete device if necessary, but it is according to Covered Equipment’s battery to keep an electrical charge less than 80 percent from its original specifications. The new level is considered a large improvement, as the previous policy only authorized iOS devices to change their batteries after dropping their health below 50 percent.

New Batteries for All:

Now, this new updated policy covers the batteries in all iOS and OS-X toting devices as well, it also includes Apple Watch, iPad, Macs and iPhone. This is also considered as a welcome news for Mac owners because they were only covered manufacturing problems and defects, but didn’t covered for performance debasement before this updated policy news. Most of the experts believe that this new policy would help for increasing Apple users. Recently announced Apple-Care-Plus extended warranty policy is available and it can be purchased through Apple, but it is only available for those devices that were purchased after 10th April 2015.

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