Adidas Introduces Fit Smart Wearable to Help You Better Track Your Fitness Data

Fit Smart WearableMost of the users having different kinds of devices always need for an update in the software according to the changing environment day by day. Software updates can inject a new life into their existing hardware and devices. The same things are happening nowadays with the Fit Smart. It was brought in last year, this wrist-worm wearable has the ability in providing the measures of burned calories, distance covered, heart rate, about pace and steps for last one day. But now new innovation is available by Adidas, it can facilitate you to keep a track for all the fitness status that are being used to Train and Run app that is easily available on previous Android and iOS versions.

The Fit Smart and its reciprocal application are basically focusing on coaching and training for workouts, indicate your training plans and considerably monitor your heart rate. People having their own device can start tracking their data by adding these new features according to their target per week or on a daily basis. It is much similar to Nike’s Fuel-Band SE or Jawbone’s Up3. We could not find that why Adidas took one year to bring in such most useful features to the Fit Smart, but we are happy that Adidas has finally launched such impressive and important functionality.

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