Acer has released its new Mid-range & Cheaper Swift 5 Laptops

Acer has released its new Mid-range & Cheaper Swift 5 LaptopsAcer Swift 5 laptops are considered mid-range devices according to both value and design, while there is no difference for its 2021 device. It is powerful and extremely lightweight, and cheaper than similar specs Dell XPS 13. The Swift 5 has a plastic touchpad, which is a bit of a cheap move. Its weight is 1.04kg with 15.9 x 318.9 x 206.9mm dimensions. The device is available in Magnesium-aluminum and magnesium-lithium body panels. It features the IPS LCD touch-screen panel, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 407 nit brightness, 99.2% RGB, 72.5% Adobe RGB, and 77.7% DCI P3 color. The Acer Swift 5’s screen resolution is Full HD, so not 4K, and has a touch-screen with a lovely Gorilla Glass top layer to match. Its hinge folds back the usual ~130 degrees.

The new device has solid key depth and action improved by its amazingly stiff membrane keyboard plate. The Acer Swift 5 key character is light and fast, not dark and ultra-deep. It has a white-LED backlight but doesn’t have customizable intensity and the plastic touchpad has a higher friction surface. The device features an 11th Gen Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage. The crucial part for us here is the Intel Evo GPU, seen in Core i5 and Core i7 laptops. The Intel Evo enables you to max out Skyrim to Ultra settings. You can play The Witcher 3 at 1080p if you fiddle with the visual effect settings, as well as playing GTA V. It is virtually silent and you can do light work on the Acer Swift 5.

The Acer Swift 5 has a 56Wh solid battery charged with a 65W power adapter. There were some impressive results even with mid-size batteries, using the latest AMD and Intel CPUs. The laptop can run up to 15 hours of life per charge for light work, such as word processors and one or two browser windows. However, it can last 10 hours when playing streaming video at the sort of display brightness you might use indoors by using its power saver mode. The Acer Swift 5 also uses a classic cylindrical power socket rather than USB-C. It is fast becoming the standard connector for laptops like this. The device has 2 USB-A ports, the classic USB shape, a full-size HDMI, and a headphone jack. Moreover, it clearly indicates the one Thunderbolt port is left free even if you leave the adapter plugged in, while other ports are fairly traditional.

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