16 Lenses in a phone camera will be presented by LG

LG 16 lenses cameraMost of us have experienced dual-lens cameras and triple-lens cameras. Now it’s the time to experience 16-lens inside one rear-facing camera. LG has become the first developing 16 lenses into a camera in the near future. It would make it a hexa-camera with a curved setup. These lenses will enable users to capture a photo from various different perspectives. The camera will be capable to simulate movement from a still image. It would also make it easier to replace objects in photos because the phone would be able to capture more information about them in 3 dimensions instead of just 2. Some efficient and pretty cool effects might be possible.

The patent goes on to detail how a mirror and a flash could be placed separately on the back of a phone carrying a hexa-lens camera to illuminate subjects and to make it easier to take selfies using the rear-facing camera instead of the front-facing one. It’s not a guarantee that we’ll ever see an LG smartphone sporting 16 lenses on its rear-facing camera, a lot of patented ideas never make it to actual products. But it is an indication that LG has something new on the drawing board that it would like to develop further. Moreover, we’re stuck with cameras with 2, 3 or maybe 5 lenses. It looks as though cameras and camera lenses. This could soon become a more important consideration when it comes to selecting a new smartphone.

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