World’s Fastest SF-G SD Cards by Sony

World’s Fastest SF-G SD Cards by SonySony has announced that the upcoming SF-G series of SD cards from Sony will supposedly be available in the spring 2017. The company further indicated that it would be the fastest SD cards in the world. The maximum write speed of these SF-G SD cards is estimated at 299 Mbps. The company has indicated that these cards will be available in 128GB, 64GB and 32GB sizes. These cards have a slightly better read speed at 300 Mbps. The major priority has been considered the speed, so these cards have the ability to support UHS-II interface and it has a 2nd row for connecting pins to the cards to enhance transfer rates on compatible hardware. The SF-G series has the ability in handling the quick-shooting cameras very smoothly in capturing 4K video for other technical use.

Sony has mentioned that it would offer an advanced card reader in order to rapidly transfer files and documents from computers, so take advantage of amazing speed by SF-G series SD cards. It would take much better care of your documents & files. The Company also indicated that these SD cards are compatible with file rescue software of Sony. These SF-G series cards are also waterproof, shockproof, X-Ray proof and temperature resistant. Point to be noted that B&H Photo Video also indicated that 2 fastest SD card lines are still available, including Professional 2000x UHS-II series of Lexar and Extreme PRO UHS-II series of SanDisk. Both series have the top speed at 80 Mbps for read & write. It is important that Sony hasn’t yet announced the pricing of its SF-G series SD cards. But, the 32GB version of SanDisk card was being sold at 60 U.S dollars.

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