Record of Launching 104 Satellites on a Single Rocket Set by India

India sets record launching 104 satellitesThe Indian version of NASA (Indian Space Research Organization) has managed to set a record on 14th February 2017. One of their PSLV rockets has launched successfully with carrying 104 satellites to deliver into orbit. There were 88 Dove mini-satellites onboard including satellites for a U.S based private imaging service, Cartosat 2D High-resolution imaging satellite of India and 15 other satellites from various countries. These “Doves” shouldn’t be considered the first of their types to be delivered into orbit or even more advanced satellites. Point to be noted that our planet already contains at least 50 similar miniaturized probes in the orbit.

After delivering these additional 88 Doves into the orbit, our Planet can claim the award of having “the largest fleet of imaging satellites and general satellites in the human history”. It is important that the smallest 4-inch x 12-inch satellites have reached into space. These smallest satellites will enter into a Sun-synchronous orbit, which will have them moving the poles. It would allow the assembly to cover the similar portion of the planet at the same time every day. It will allow the company to gather standardized, expected surface imaging of the Earth. But, it will not be happened immediately because the company should need at least a couple of months in order to positioning each probe properly in its specifically assigned orbit.

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