Now Ads will be Inserted in the Middle of Video by Facebook

Now Ads will be Inserted in the Middle of Video by FacebookThe determinations of Facebook regarding video have been gracefully straightforward. Now, the social giant has officially presented a way to get paid for its publishing partners. Instead of, YouTube and many others are using front-loading ads. Recode indicated that these ads will be appeared in the middle of videos. The sales area will be at least 20 seconds long, but it will not be initiated without playing a video for at least 20 seconds and the spaced part would be two minutes long. It is important that live video will also not to be left out, and if a publisher has more than 2 thousand followers with a hit with at least 300 cooperating live viewers in the “recent live video”, they will be able to include ads as well.

It will be assumed that the broadcast has been running for more than 4 minutes with at least 300 viewers. As far as the revenue is concerned, such as predicted by the rumors, the publishers will be able to get 55 percent of proceeds while the Facebook will grab the rest. It has been considered a little bit different compared to the ad split for instant articles of the social network, in which the publisher will be able to get between 70 and 100 percent of the revenue. It is expected that publishing into the TV space with Facebook will see even more in the near future due to it is trying to court extra amount of more professional video producers.

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