New Discovery for Tracking Deforestation using Satellite Maps

New Discovery for Tracking Deforestation using Satellite MapsThere is not any question that deforestation has been considered one of the most serious problems. It is badly affecting everything from climate through bio-diversification. But, measuring the cruelty of deforestation is not too simple because just measuring the lost forest cover will not tell you the real effects of climate on a specific area. Now, technology might help in saving our climate, because the researchers have developed a new method. This new technique will use the satellite maps for tracking the forest weakening distance or the expanding distances between forests that can potentially affect the environment. The collected data can show you whether trees comparatively calm, distance happening among other trees or the situation is more critical and creating larger distances among forests.

Aaron Ellison of Harvard pointed out in the New York Times that this strategy would provide more than our expectations in tackling the deforestation. There are already some techniques, such as studying large forests as a series of smaller forests. These methods can pick up a fewer and specific amount of data on some of the losing forest covers. It can simply provide help in identifying the massive damaging incidents of deforestation and to offer guidance in finding the most help-seeking forest areas. Point to be noted that it shouldn’t be considered the same as replanting forests and decreasing the deforestation rate, but it would provide a handsome support regarding the ongoing efforts in this field.

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