New Battery Tech with Massive Storage Capacity & Rapid Charging

Super-capacitorsA Super-capacitor battery prototype has been created by the scientists from the University of Central Florida. It works similar to new battery after recharging and it can recharge 30 thousand times more as compared to current available mobile batteries. The advanced research can produce high-capacity and ultra-fast charging batteries and the battery life can be 20 time longer than available lithium-ion batteries. The postdoctoral associate of UCF, Nitin Choudhary said that you will be able to recharge your mobile phone battery in just few seconds and there will be no need to recharge it again for more than a week. These Super-capacitors have quick charging ability because they store statically to electricity in a special material, instead of using chemical reactions used in currently available batteries.

This new technology needs “2-dimensional” material sheets and large surface areas to store electrons. Point to be noted that EV-maker Henrik Fisker and UCLA are using grapheme as 2-dimensional material. Yeonwoong Jung from UCF indicated that there was a major challenge to integrate grapheme with other materials being used in Super-capacitors. So, UCF team folded 2D metal materials with few thick atoms around excessively-conductive 1D Nanowires. It enables electrons to pass rapidly from core to shell and provides a rapid charging material with massive energy and power as it is simple to generate. Jung said that our team has developed a simple chemical synthesis technique and we can integrate efficiently the materials with the 2-dimentional materials.

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