Manufacturing 3D-Printed Modular Satellites by Boeing

Manufacturing 3D-Printed Modular Satellites by BoeingBoeing is famous for manufacturing huge and powerful aircrafts in the world. But, the company is also building high-end satellites and the cost for each satellite has been estimated at more than 150 million U.S dollars. The Wall Street Journal has indicated that the aerospace corporation has planned in adopting some new production practices including the use of modular 3D-printed parts. The most important part is that the company is utilizing fewer workers for manufacturing 3D-printed parts. The current procedures of the company need customized manual assembly which cost too much and takes extra amount of time. So, you can easily count the number of satellites to be manufactured in one year with just two hands.  The satellite business Chief of Boeing, Paul Rusnock informed that the company is unable to continue as it is been doing in the competitive situation.

It is important that companies manufacturing smaller and cheaper satellites are already using modular components in order to save their costs and pumping out as many as possible. For example, a venture founded by Richard Branson’s Virgin and Qualcomm (Airbus and a startup called “OneWeb”) are in the process in manufacturing an automated assembly line in Florida. It would be qualified of cranking out a large number of smaller satellites per year and the cost for each satellite is estimated at 500,000 U.S dollars. So, Boeing will be unable in achieving the similar production level since it is working on comparatively bigger satellites. But, the company will be able to manufacture a lot more units per year. Rusnock also said that there is not any reason to stop the company in “realizing bigger reductions in production schedules”.

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