Linux Foundation is working on Acumos Project in Participation with AT&T

Linux Foundation is working on Acumos Project in Participation with AT&TIt has been announced by a nonprofit “Linux Foundation” that the foundation is working on an open source AI project. This project is called the “Acumos Project” and AT&T is one of its funding organizations. Similar to various open source platforms, the major objective of this project is to enable a free exchange of ideas and machine learning solutions using the frame work of artificial intelligence. It ultimately becomes a marketplace for AI apps and services. The Acumos Project is especially designed to provide tools for calm users, but not for data scientists and its initial focus will be in making apps and micro-services. The details aren’t sufficient announced by Linux Foundation and it is expected that its next announcement might be more explanatory.

Point to be noted that it will maintain the Acumos Project for a significant amount of time. The code will be contributed for AT&T and other partner Tech Mahindra. The Vice President of Advanced Technology at AT&T Labs, Mazin Gilbert issued a statement that AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been considered a critical tool for growing our business. The current state of AI environment is shattered and it creates a considerable amount of barrier to implement. The Acumos Project will accelerate modernization and deployment of AI applications in making them available to everyone. It is expected that Acumos Project code will be available to the platform very soon and hopefully in the early 2018.

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