Google will announce Pixel 6 before launching Pixel 5a smartphone

Google will announce Pixel 6 before launching Pixel 5a smartphoneSome authentic sources have confirmed that Google has planned to launch Pixel 6 very soon. However, the Google Pixel 5 is still a new mid-range smartphone and we also expect the launch of Pixel 5a. Earlier leaks suggest the Google Pixel 6 will be launched before mid-2021 supposedly based on Google’s flagship trends. The price of the new device is harder to guess because the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 were more attractive with premium offerings. The company offered Google Pixel 5 at $699 and most of us are expecting a similar price for the new device. Point to be noted that there are 2 hints of possible Google Pixel 6 features in early Android 12 code. One of the features is the presence of a one-handed mode, supposedly a Pixel 6 XL could arrive very soon because a non-XL phone doesn’t need such a feature.

The other hint suggests the possibility of an in-screen fingerprint scanner. A second Android 12 developer beta has turned up more evidence of an in-screen fingerprint scanner. It is noteworthy that the code in the Google camera app clearly points to the front-facing camera on the Pixel 6 to support 4K video recording. The selfie camera is more attractive with a higher resolution. The Google Pixel 6 may use an in-house chipset, codenamed the Whitechapel. The new device might use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G chipset as previously featured in the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G. The chipset offers massive improvements in performance and much better results in low light photography compared to the chipset in the Google Pixel 5. Another leak suggested the Pixel 6 could come running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 775 chipset.

It is noteworthy that the Google Pixel 6 is in a Google patent, detailing a possible future phone that doesn’t have a visible selfie camera. The Google Pixel 5 wasn’t the most attractive smartphone. The entire Google Pixel line was considered great camera smartphones, so all zooming would be digital. But, recent devices from the company don’t have telephoto lenses. It indicates picture zooming is designed to have lower resolutions and it stops you from zooming in as far as using the camera app itself. Some earlier Google Pixel smartphones were small in size to fit in pockets and felt comfortable to use one-handed, but the company’s 2020 smartphones weren’t smaller. The major difference between older Pixel flagships and the Pixels 5 was the option to use a mid-range chipset rather than a top-end.

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