Google and MasterCard developed a Tool to Track Offline Sales

Google and Mastercard teamed up to track offline salesGoogle launched a tool last year and named it Store Sales Measurement. It has the ability to tell whether an online ad is effective based on real-world purchases in the United States. The search giant didn’t explain more about the design and functionality of this tool. A report from Bloomberg has indicated that Google was able to create it in collaboration with MasterCard. The sources of publication were directly involved with the deal and reported that millions paid for a stockpile of MasterCard transactions by Mountain View after negotiations of 4-years. Point to be noted that the tech giant and the credit provider didn’t inform billions of MasterCard holder that their purchases were being used to develop the ad-tracking tool. The publication also mentioned how the store sales measurement works.

Bloomberg report has indicated that when you walk into a brick-and-mortar store to buy a pair of red stilettos using a MasterCard, Google will know and will report your purchase to the advertiser that ran that campaign as “offline revenue”. You’ll have to fulfill a couple of conditions before Google can track your purchases. The tool can only recognize your purchase if you were logged into your Google account when you clicked and if you made your purchase within 30 days of viewing the ad. The tech giant didn’t talk to Bloomberg regarding the deal, but a spokesperson clarified that the tool uses double-blind encryption technology. Google doesn’t have access to the personal credit and debit cards details of its partners. The company doesn’t share the personally identifiable information.

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