Get First Plant Based Shoe for a Run from Reebok

Get First Plant Based Shoe for a Run from ReebokReebok believes the brand is in the business to inspire positive change with launching an innovation of its plant-based performance running shoe. The Forever Floatride GROW is a new update of award-winning Forever Floatride Energy shoe from Reebok. This renewal is modified from plants and other renewable agricultural elements, unlike conventional petroleum-based footwear. Reebok took a proactive approach to build on the brand’s belief that it has the responsibility to drive a positive impact on the planet with this update. The shoe is made of 4 major ingredients including algae sock-liner, a eucalyptus upper, natural rubber outsole, and a midsole made of castor beans.

It is noteworthy that other brands have also created footwear from bio-based materials. But, Reebok is the first and only brand to make a sustainable shoe that actually performs on runs, mile after mile. Reebok Brand President, Matt O’Toole said, “The earth is a runner’s arena, and we have a responsibility to help detox the world for the athletes who run in it. Our consumers have told us they want more sustainable products, and the running community has been the most vocal and passionate about this issue. We want to help runners perform at their best, while also feeling good about the products they wear”.

Reebok Brand Ambassador Nathalie Emmanuel explained how the company can incorporate positive change in its overall lifestyle. Emmanuel said, “I tend to wear clothes until I can’t possibly wear them anymore. My sister teases me. She’ll say, ‘I swear you’ve had that jumper since you were a teenager,’ and I’m still wearing it now because it’s perfectly fine to wear. I tend to shop quite sparingly. I don’t really say, ‘Oh I’m going to go shopping.’ I’m usually looking for something that I actually need as opposed to just because I want something new”. Reebok has sold plant-based shoes in the past, like its NPC UK Cotton + Corns shoes which are made from cotton and corn-derived polyurethane. These are more for casual wear, so the use of plant-based materials for a performance shoe is a new advancement.

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