California is planning to launch its own Climate Satellite

California plans to launch its own climate satelliteThe administration of White House isn’t considering climate science. California showed concern that it might lead to NASA switching off climate probes after the pressure from Trump administration. Now the state has planned to build its own probe. California governor said in a speech at the Global Climate Action Summit that California will launch its own satellite to detect climate change and environmental pollution. He also pointed out the possibility in 2016 remarks. California has started working with Planet Labs for this project. It will depend on the California Air Resources Board for improvement and help in the future. The state didn’t mention any specific date to launch its own satellite or about its estimated cost.

There will be more advancement in the satellite field if the White House leadership changes its current approach. This dedicated work will take a significant amount of time to finalize the project. This project is floating the fight between California and the administration of Trump. Both sides are at odds since its beginning. The White House has planned to dismantle Clean Air Act of California in order to stop it from setting hard-hitting standards. California has now fired back with at least 40 lawsuits against the Trump administration. Most of them are indicating for not to mention bills to phase out fossil fuels, otherwise, the state will address climate change directly. Now the U.S federal government has to compete with a state-owned satellite program. It will also challenge the strategy of NASA.

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