Apple Watch 7 will be launched alongside the Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch 7 will be launched alongside the Apple Watch SESome reports have indicated that the Apple Watch 7 could be the company’s next top-end smartwatch. It would come alongside the Apple Watch SE 2. It’ll succeed the company’s 2020 powerhouse, the Apple Watch 6, but with some new features. There are also some leaks and rumors about design changes and new features for the Apple Watch 7. An analyst with a good track record for Apple information, Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that Apple could release its new smartwatch model in the 2nd half of 2021. Point to be noted that Apple traditionally launched new Apple Watches in the middle of September. Rumors haven’t yet suggested the price for the new Apple Watch 7, but we are expecting an increase in the price for the upcoming device.

The Apple Watch 6 starts at $399 and there has been some fluctuation in pricing across the last few models and the Apple Watch 7 will cost around that much too. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook himself said during an appearance on the Outside podcast that there’s a ton of innovation left to go in there. He said, “We are in the early innings, think about the number of sensors in your car. And arguably, your body is much more important than your car”. Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that the new Apple Watch shipment’s momentum in 2021 will benefit from innovative health management functions and improved form factor design. So from that, it sounds like the Apple Watch 7 might have both new health features and a new design. And it could be a significant form factor design change.

It is noteworthy that one health feature of the Apple Watch 7 could be a glucometer to measure blood sugar levels. The Apple Watch 7 could be one of several 2021 smartwatches getting this feature. It would be more useful for people with diabetics, who need to keep a constant eye on their blood sugar. The Apple Watch 7 strap could also be in for a big change, as it would have a strap with a battery embedded within it, which can efficiently increase the battery life of the Apple Watch. Apple is reportedly looking to switch from OLED screens on its devices to micro-LED ones. There might be a Touch ID fingerprint scanner being added to a future Apple Watch. But, the Apple Watch 6 is still a great basic fitness tracker smartwatch.

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