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Times are gone when people had to remember the routes to their desired location within or outside a city. However, anyone can now reach their desired location with Google Maps without concern about moving along. The most fundamental and important function of this app is to provide directions toward destinations for travelers.

You will find more functions the app is offering to provide ease for you. Here are some better ways if you have missed the opportunity to discover it fully use Google Maps.

  1. Searching Along the Route

Google Maps enables users to search for other places during their journey. However, users have already added their exact destination in order to get actual directions. This specific feature also enables users to find how suitable the other location is while they are on their way. Meanwhile, users don’t need to stop the current navigation to find the route to other destinations.

Users need to first add the location they are going to, in order to get an experience of this significant option. They must click on the 3 dots available on the top right. Then select the option “Search along route” and add the other destination if they need to navigate.

  1. Use Maps Offline After Downloading

Keep in mind that Google Maps services are available if you are connected to the internet. But users often need to navigate maps while they are offline or don’t have access to the internet. They can also download the maps to use them offline to prevent any later disturbance.

Visit Google Maps online and search for your desired city on the app, to experience this option. At the bottom, click on the name of the city and then click on the 3-dot menu. Then just tap on the “Download the menu” option available in the three-dot menu. However, users can increase or decrease zooming in and out of the area.

  1. Must Create a List of Favorites

This is a much better option for users if they regularly visit a location but want to remember their location. Add your multiple locations to the favorites menu to prevent the blaze of searching for the right spot every time. They just need to click it and the map will open it for them.

Users need to search for their desired locations in order to make a handsome list. Then tap on the Save option. It will show a menu that enables users to add the area to Favorites. This menu will also enable users to add any other new category according to their desire.

  1. Efficiently Discover Your Surroundings

A new visitor to an area or city can discover restaurants, sports areas, shopping malls, or their desired places. Google Maps can provide ease to exploring specific places according to the user’s specific search.

Users just need to open the app and click on the Explore option to start searching. It would enable them to view a variety of nearby places. This option would enable users to choose any location to make it most of the time available.

Most Valuable Information

Keep in mind that you can take advantage of Android’s preference for widgets if you are using Google Maps. You can customize settings for a quick shortcut to instantly get home. Press and hold on to a blank part of the home screen and select Widgets on Android phones. Then view the Maps entries and select the one with marked Directions.

Users can select an address and a mode of transportation after placing a widget. They can also select other route options including preventing toll roads. Then, users must set the destination as Home for better performance. It would efficiently sense places you often visit frequently such as your office or Home. However, users can do this task at any place and they are just a tap away.

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