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Find innovative LED products at Always Open Virtual Booth of SamsungThe widespread coronavirus and social distancing measures have pushed top manufacturers in the world to consider more deeply facilitating product interactions. Now, Samsung LED is filling the need for more consumer-facing product presentations with innovative new strategies. The company has just opened a Virtual Lighting Exhibition. It offers a range of up-to-date news regarding Samsung lighting solutions that will be available to manufacturers, supply chain partners, and end-users, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new online booth has offered a platform where virtual visitors can access the most current Samsung LED technologies simply and easily. The virtual booth features highly realistic showcases of Samsung lighting solutions which are accompanied by narrated videos that serve to minimize the communication limitations brought about by the current climate.

The vice president of Samsung LED Business, Yoonjoon Choi issued a statement. He said, “Under the current circumstances, it is very difficult to continue face-to-face communications throughout our industry, and this is exactly why we have come up with a new approach to digital communications. Samsung’s Virtual Lighting Exhibition 2020 will serve as an important business showcase where the latest LED component solutions can be displayed without the need for physical meetings”. The virtual visitors will find segmented product lineups grouped according to the application at Samsung Virtual Lighting Exhibition 2020. The offers include Horticulture Lighting Solutions, Human-centric Lighting Solutions, Retail Lighting Solutions, High-Efficacy Lighting Solutions, Smart Lighting Solutions, Light Engine Solutions, and Outdoor & Industrial Lighting Solutions.

Horticulture Solutions feature full-spectrum-based technology that improves crop quality and increases yields by boosting photosynthesis, inhibiting the disease, and promoting better nutrition. Human-centric Solutions establishes a melatonin control effect through optimized melanotic ratios. It helps our bodies adjust to the melatonin levels. Retail Solutions offers to help businesses thrive by promoting longer stays in stores and encouraging more targeted purchasing considerations. High-Efficacy Solutions is laying the foundation for paradigm-shifting solutions such as horticultural and human-centric lighting. Smart Solutions offers to transform conventional lighting into smart lighting to foster convenience. Outdoor & Industrial Solutions provide remarkable performance backed by advanced technology and proven reliability. Samsung Virtual Lighting Exhibition 2020 can now be accessed by visiting www.samsung.com/led.

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