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If you are familiar with the crypto community, you must’ve heard the term DApp browser or trust wallet. One of the main benefits offered by the trust app to the users is that you use decentralized applications. However, accessing the DApps from a mobile device is not easy.

Whether it is Android or iOS, there are some steps that you will need to follow to enable the DApp browser on trust wallet. However, the process is easier on Android devices compared to iOS.

However, if you want to unlock the complete potential of the crypto community. This is why we will talk about the process of how to enable the DApp browser on the trust browser.

Here is the entire process to enable it easily on both platforms.

Methods To Enable DApp Browser On Trust Wallet

The process to enable the DApp browser on the Trust wallet for both platforms is mentioned above.

Here are both processes are given below in detail that will help you to learn. Make sure to follow all the steps to enable it successfully.


To enable the DApp browser on Trust waller, you will need to follow these steps. As mentioned earlier, the process is much easier in Android. So, make sure to follow these simple steps to get it enabled.

  • You will need to download the Trust wallet from Google Play Store and open it. First, make sure that the Trust wallet account is connected perfectly.
  • Scroll through the bottom navigation bar to open the settings. From the menu, you will need to find the “Preferences” option and tap on it.
  • Click on “Preferences” to enter and enable the DApp enabled on the Trust wallet by enabling the toggling option available on the left of the page.
  • Once it is enabled, you will be able to get all the Dapp Browser menu available at the of the app’s main page bottom.

Yes, this is how fast you can enable it on Android devices. However, things are much different on iOS devices. Here is the process is given below in detail to help you out.


Now, let’s find out how to enable DApps on iOS devices. Although this might be a little thicker compared to the Android, pay attention to the details to understand the whole process. The DApp browser was removed in 2021 from the App Store based on the guidelines. Although there is no way to get it from the App Store, there are other ways to get it on your iOS device. Read more about Multi-Channel Home Theater & Everything You Need To Know

Method 1

Here are the steps you will need to follow to get it easily.

  • First, you will need to use a web browser like Chrome or Safari. Although Chrome is good,Safari is recommended for the best result.
  • Go to the URL bar of the Safari browser and type “trust://browser: Enable” After you have typed and entered, you will get a pop-up message.
  • The pop-up will say, “Open this page on Trist?” Click on open to continue the process. Now, just go back to the Safari Browser and go to the “browser option at the bottom.

This is how you can enable the DApp browser using Safari or other browsers. Here is another method you can try it if you do not want to use browsers to enable it.

Method 2

In this method, you will be able to use the PancakeSwap website to enable the wallet. First, visit the PancakeSwap website using Safari or other browsers and tap on the option “Connect” that appears on the right top corner.

Instead of choosing the “Trust Wallet,” you will need to select “WalletConnect.” WalletConnect will lead you to a pop-up message, where you will need to ensure that you are clicking on the Trust Wallet and tap “Open.”

Now, all you have to do is click on connect to enable PancakeSwap with the Trust wallet. This might help to enable the DApp on the Trust browser successfully.

These methods work very well on iOS devices. You need to choose one based on the requirements and the setup. Now that you know how to enable the DApp browser on Trust Wallet, you can get it done easily and get a lot of information about the crypto community.


Enabling the DApp browser is not as easy as it seems. The process of enabling it is much easier in Android and harder in iOS. However, you can go through this article to find out the method in both Android and iOS. Go through the steps to find out all the details and how to enable it easily.

There are multiple methods provided for iOS to help you choose the best one based on you. If this article has helped you find out all the details and enabled the DApp, make sure to share the article with others.

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