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Easy steps to boost up your Laptop Speed and PerformanceThere are a large number of people experiencing slow performance and speed while using their laptop at the office and home. It often causes unbearable tension during important and urgent work. Here are some important and easy steps to enhance your laptop speed and performance. It’s not always possible to buy a brand-new laptop, but you can save a significant amount of money following these steps to speed up your laptop and get it running like new. Your laptop should be running Windows 10 because the following tips and tricks will boost up your Windows 10 laptop.

First of all, keep updating your windows 10 operating system. Go to ‘Update Setting’ and click, ‘Check For Updates’ button. You can turn on auto-updates, too. Cortana is little more than a frustration baked into the core of Windows 10. So, go to the Cortana page in ‘Settings’ and toggle all sliders Off. Then, go back to ‘Settings > Privacy Settings > Speech > Inking and typing personalization. You should disable startup apps to speed up your laptop’s boot times. Unwanted background apps must be disabled to enhance processing speed. If you discovered unwanted applications such as Candy Crush, uninstall them from ‘App Settings > Apps & features.

Keep your device drivers and GPU drivers up to date. You can also remove Lock Screen by assigning a PIN instead of a password for logging in. Go to ‘HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft’, then right-click ‘Windows’, select ‘New > Key > Personalization’. Right-click this key and add a new ‘DWORD (32-bit) Value’, with the name of ‘NoLockScreen’. Then double click on it and set the ‘Value’ to 1. You should also check your power plans and a balanced plan is much better. Use third-party software, such as HWMonitor, to keep an eye on your system temperatures. Create a Restore Point and restore your system, go to ‘Security and System > System > System Protection > System Restore’.

Check your system health with Performance Monitor, track your CPU usage, and check for malware. Stop apps resuming on startup potentially including non-essential background processes. Free up drive space to improve the effective lifespan of the hard-drive. You can also disable syncing and visual effects. One can use ‘ReadyBoost’ feature for laptops. It uses removable storage to temporarily cache data and speed up your system. Run defrag on hard drives using ‘Defragment and Optimize Drives > Optimize’. Finally, disable search indexing, hardware acceleration on the mouse, focus assist, and Block auto-updates in the game launchers.

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