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Everybody’s desire to watch films and TV shows is growing particularly at a moment when the CoV-19 virus has everyone changing their lifestyles to combat the outbreak. Everyone must be socially separated. We must stay in the house, and avoid public places except when absolutely necessary. Thus, watching movies using PikaShow APK has become a well-known form of entertainment, which is enjoyed by all sorts of people.

We are all aware that all new Hollywood and Bollywood films are paid for on major platforms, however nowadays, we can have the chance to stream new films for no cost with PikaShow.

About PikaShow:

PikaShow is among the most popular Entertainment applications available from the collection of tens of thousands of brand new and classic Hollywood to Bollywood films from action-packed to comedy.

Pikashow App can be ideal for people who aren’t a fan of watching films in a group within the family room, or in another location. PikaShow is the best application to stream movies using your Smartphone. There are a variety of films that are available in different categories such as action and comedy and romantic, horror or even more.

Features of PikaShow:

  • Check out popular films and TV series.
  • Download videos for later viewing.
  • TV channels are also accessible.
  • Enjoy music from all over the globe.
  • Playstore warnings corrected.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Simple and simple to make use of.
  • Security to Android users.
  • Absolutely free of charge.
  • Chat assistance.
  • More.

How to Download and Install PikaShow APK?

  • To begin, go to settings and select”Unknown Source” option “unknown source” option.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Make sure to wait for a while until installation has been completed.
  • After the installation has been completed after which you are able to start the application.

How do I use it?

The app is easy and user-friendly with every Android Smartphone. After installing the app on your phone, you can watch English and Hindi movies that you just need to tap and enjoy as you like.

Is PikaShow secure?

Certain users might be aware of the security of the app. We assure you that this application will not harm your device. PikaShow is one of them.


What is PikaShow?

PikaShow is essentially an Android application for watching Movies, Dramas, TV shows, and other video content. You can easily stream new movies of your choice in Bollywood and Hollywood.

Is Harmful for Phone?

It’s not at all. This application is not going to cause harm to your mobile phone or computer through any way. 

Does it require a subscription?

The app is completely free to use that doesn’t require subscription to stream any content.

Download it on iPhone, iPad, or another iOS device?

It’s not available for the app to run on iOS devices like the iPhone because it’s an Android application. However, there’s no need to fret since the developers of the app are working with the iOS app. When they release the iOS application, we’ll post it to this site.

Do I have to update the application?

So, the download link will supply you with the latest version of the application which means you don’t need to download it all over yet.

app work with smartphones that aren’t fully configured?

Yes, it’s an awesome streaming platform for Android that can be used on any smartphone that is beyond the Android 4.0 version.

Root my phone using this App?

One of the most impressive aspects for the program is its compatibility. It’s not like other streaming apps that are free that work only on devices that are rooted. It’s a basic Android application that provides the entire content and features regardless of whether your device is unrooted or not.

Are you sure PikaShow is available for PC?

Right now, the application is available on PC. You can download it the app and download it to the go with Windows, MAC, or Linux at-a-glance. You can download the application for Windows 10.

Can Watch Movies Offline?

Yes you can utilize it to stream or download for offline viewing, Bollywood and Hollywood movies absolutely free from your mobile.

Watch Tata IPL 2022 Matches?

The app lets users to stream live films and live T20 Matches, IPL live matches for free on Android phones. Additionally, you can stream matches using the most recent app HDTV App.

Available Version:

The most current version Pikashow V75 is scheduled to be released today. If you are already using V74 and want to upgrade to the latest version. If you’re running an old version, then you should upgrade to the latest version.


PikaShow APK is among the most popular free apps to stream live TV, movies Dramas, TV series, dramas, and many more video-related content. You can enjoy Live Sports online and new movies either from Bollywood and Hollywood. Therefore, download the latest version at no cost.

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