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Apex Legends Founders Badge

The most demanding Apex Legends game has now arrived for mobile users all around the world. It was already available with various limited beta versions over the past several years. People can now download Apex Legends Mobile because it is available for all Android and iOS users worldwide.

Moreover, EA and Respawn teamed up and developed the game in collaboration with Light Speed Studio of Tencent. A mobile-exclusive legend and the Season 1 Prime Time battle pass presented the global launch of the game. The main idea of the Apex Legends seems much similar to handheld devices. But the game launched with just one map, the World’s Edge.

The game could add around 60 players in teams of 3 jumps off the dropship and battle each other to bring the final team. Moreover, Apex Legends is now available in global markets including Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, India, the UK, and the US. However, the game features some of the most famous legends such as Pathfinder, Mirage, and Wraith.

Fade is the 1st Mobile Exclusive Legend

Apex Legends Mobile also features the first mobile-exclusive legend and named it Fade. People around the world are already playing Apex Legends on their consoles and PCs. Moreover, mobile players around the world can utilize phase tech using a specific simulation suit similar to Wraith. It allows Fade to move back to a former tactical location and seize enemies for a limited time period.

Meanwhile, new players should read specific characters guide prior to starting the Apex Legends Mobile game. The Apex Legends Mobile has now been presented with the standard battle legend mode. It also features team death-match, battle arenas, and other latest cool modes. People will also find a massive collection of weapons similar to those presented for console and PC users.

Apex Legends Mobile is Aimed at Smaller Screens

However, mobile users are now able to download the game from Google Play Store. Apex Legends Mobile is intended to utilize your smartphone services such as GeForce Now to play the game. Players around the world were formerly playing a PC version of Apex Legends rather than a mobile port. Keep in mind that it is a specific port aimed at smaller screens with on-screen controls.

You can visit Google Play Store to automatically download Apex Legends Mobile to your smartphone if you pre-registered the game. Users need to complete a significant time-consuming tutorial just after finalizing the installation process. However, a mobile exclusive legend Fade is also available and you should unlock it prior to the further move.

Pre-registered Users can Automatically Download the Game

Users will also get a variety of exclusive in-game prizes. These prizes are specific to those who already pre-registered for the Apex Legends Mobile game. Moreover, these rewards include a Bloodhound banner frame, Bloodhound banner pose, Founder’s badge, R99 Epic skin, and many more.

Apex Legends Mobile now has a more attractive gameplay on-screen controls option. However, the on-screen control strategy is alterable to the user’s specific playstyle with a self-activating reward increase. This mechanism could speed up the difficult process on PCs and consoles. You will also find various specifications and minimum device requirements to play the game.

Apex Legends Mobile needs a Snapdragon 435, Kirin 650, Exynos 7430 chip, or Helio P20. Your device should run Android 6.0 or higher, 4GB of storage, and 2GB of RAM to play the game. However, Google is now testing a Play Store Tweak on Android. It enables users to discover more information connected to apps without scrolling down all listings.

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