Big Marketing Mistakes

Don’t Follow These Marketing Mistakes

The Internet is literally flooded with tips, ideas, secrets, recipes, recommendations, hacks, and other little tricks for effective marketing. The truth is that they are often written universally, with no regard to the individual specifications that any business in the real world has. So, in this article, we would like to take a more fun approach instead and focus on the most typical marketing mistakes, the things that you would like to avoid. It is true that we tend to learn from the mistakes that we make. But it is definitely wiser to learn from the mistakes of others. So, here are the top 5 mistakes that will guarantee you failing:


It often happens that a start-up comes up with a great product, and the greatness of the product is so evident, that it seems self-sufficient to the company. They think that it’s so awesome that it will reach the audiences itself, thus expecting the mountain to come to Muhammad. The truth is that the world today is a very competitive place, and it’s also full of distractions. If your product is not advertised, it will simply get lost in this ocean. You do need to tell the people about your product and why they want it. For example, if your company is providing custom paper writing or, even better, SEO services, don’t be shy to point out other companies SEO mistakes and make them into a case-study. You might even contact this company directly and tell them how those mistakes can be fixed. The worst thing that can happen is that they will ignore your email. But – in the best-case scenario they will hire you. And have no regard for a company’s established authority: even the bigger players may sometimes need some help from a beginner with a fresh view.


The success of our business does indeed depend on our marketing choices. Of course, it should be taken seriously. However, many people tend to have the kind of understanding of seriousness that a lowbrow overly conservative school teacher has. No distractions! Only discipline! These people tend to see some important marketing tools as mere distractions, thus dismissing their potential. Here are a few examples of such tools:

Informal blogging – It is hard to think of a business that wouldn’t make use of a blog. A perfect blog should be casual and entertaining. The audience must like it and trust it. Therefore, the narrator in the blog articles should be on short terms with the reader. Also, not more than 10% of blog content should be about promoting the product. The rest should consist of truly useful articles.

Social networks – This is classic: many of us see them as merely a source of fun that only distracts you from doing things that “really” matter. Whereas in fact, social media have proven to be a great marketing tool.

YouTube – When properly optimized, a short video clip on YouTube can bring a great deal of attention to your brand. People do like to be entertained and to share those little fun videos. Just remember the textbook example of Will It Blend.


Often, when people are satisfied with a product or service, they like to share their amazing experience. Sadly, though, with many companies – that’s where it ends. Positive feedback and word of mouth need to be encouraged: this way, your customers are becoming your advocates.


Probably, each of us encounters the fear of speaking before an audience offline to some extent. It needs to be overcome. Needless to say, a charismatic speech at an event can turn large amounts of customers to you. Some people tend to extrapolate their stage fright onto attending conferences as such. Well, even if you don’t have to perform a speech, a niche conference is always a good place to socialize and build networks. If you try your hardest and still fail to conquer your stage fright, you can consider getting yourself a partner who has no problem speaking before large audiences.


Many business people tend to hold on to their prices just a little bit too firmly. Sometimes, it is good to loosen your grip just a bit and offer discounts and special offers. In fact, in a perfect case scenario, you should have some of those running at all times. It is the proactive people who are best at hunting special offers. So, you can expect them to also apply this trait to spreading the word about the special offer and the fantastic product that he got with it.

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