YouTube users Around the World have Experienced Issues with its Services

YouTube has now confirmed that the platform is encountering various types of issues that are affecting users around the world. The company recognized the issues in its service after a large number of YouTube users reported error messages. These messages appeared when users tried to watch videos.

Users also experienced that some site features weren’t visible such as the Setting menus or navigation sidebar. However, some users reported they weren’t able to sign in to their YouTube accounts or switch between profiles. Some users said they were prevented from streaming YouTube to their TV or using the app on their gaming console.

“No Internet Connection” Error Message

People also reported seeing error messages while trying to play videos. They weren’t really having any connectivity issues but the message said ‘No Internet Connection’. YouTube said in a tweet that the company is informed of the issues and working to fix them.

YouTube said the reported issues weren’t limited to a geographic region. The social platform pointed out that issues were global in nature and happened around the world across different devices. The webpage added in its tweet showed a list (incomplete list) of the most critical issues that affected users.

YouTube TV streaming issues using Google TV

The platform eventually confirmed the issues on Twitter supposedly generating issues with users. Some users weren’t able to maneuver YouTube Studio or get streaming of live YouTube TV service. Users were also logged out when they tried to stream YouTube TV using Google TV and Chromecast.

The official account of YouTube on Twitter also responded to users reporting disappearing their videos and subscriptions. However, YouTube wasn’t completely down and all users weren’t experiencing similar issues around the world. Moreover, a large number of YouTube communities didn’t notice issues or they didn’t experience such problems.

Get New Updates from YouTube Support Site

YouTube hasn’t yet disclosed details about the reasons behind those issues with its services. But these types of temporary disruptions are normally connected to fundamental techniques such as cloud services. YouTube has also confirmed that it will publish the latest updates to its support site.

You can also visit and get support from It offers the latest updates as it was updated just 2 hours ago, while the issues were reported long before that. Keep in mind that YouTube didn’t provide an ETA to fix, but the company has resolved most issues.

It is important that Reuters also reported on April 12 and said YouTube has fixed most of the issues. These issues reportedly disturbed specific YouTube features for a large number of its users across the web around the globe.

Setting Menu and Navigation Bar issues

YouTube officially informed users that all issues are now fixed and they can now log in and switch between accounts. Users can effectively use the Setting menu and navigation bar across their entire services and devices. It is noteworthy that the social platform offers YouTube, YouTube Studio, YouTube TV, and YouTube Music.

Multiple reports have indicated that around 10 thousand users around the world reported issues with the service on Downdetector. This website efficiently tracks outages after receiving status reports from various sources such as user-reported errors.

YouTube tweeted at the time of disruption after errors were reported about log-in accounts, switching accounts, and navigation bar problems. A significant number of users also reported issues with obtaining YouTube TV (live television platform).

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