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Microsoft has Now Ended Internet Explorer after 27 Years

Microsoft has ended Internet Explorer after at least 27 years, so the IE stopped responding on June 15. The ancient web browser is now dropped to help Microsoft Edge. However, the tech giant pulled IE 11 on Wednesday to support the Edge Browser. Microsoft primarily took a turn from the Internet Explorer branding in 2015 with the release of Windows 10.

Now, the company has ended an internet era of IE. However, it will not show more changes for consumers. The utilization of Internet Explorer has dropped in the past couple of years. StatCounter has shown that IE has decreased at least half a percent of the share in the entire browser market. Microsoft started efforts to stop people from using Internet Explorer for years.

The tech giant formerly labeled it a Compatibility Solution, instead of a browser most businesses are now actively using. Microsoft has planned to start opening out a new move in the next couple of months. It will redirect those still using Internet Explorer as their main browser over to Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft has Permanently Disabled IE

Ultimately, the company will permanently disable Internet Explorer as the next Windows update. This article will provide more information about how Microsoft is managing the termination of Internet Explorer in Windows.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft has made its Chromium-powered Edge as Windows 11 default browser. Moreover, the MSHTML engine powers Internet Explorer will remain part of Windows 11. The engine completely exists for Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge. The company said it will provide significant support to IE mode in Edge browser straightforward by the end of 2029.

Businesses are Shifted to IE Mode of Edge Browser

Most businesses have massively shifted to the IE mode of Edge for websites and apps that still need Internet Explorer. The tech giant developed this IE mode for Edge in 2019. This version supports earlier ActiveX controls as most production sites are still using them. Internet Explorer will live on through this mode insubstantially. But you will not find Internet Explorer anymore.

Some companies will still discover the surprise with the termination of Internet Explorer. Most of them will unable to entirely remove their use in time. This week, Nikkei reported that various government agencies and financial organizations in Japan are slowly responding to the IE termination. For instance, the website for Japan Pension Service still needs to view the IE mode in the Edge browser.

Most Businesses are Still Unaware of IE Retirement

However, there are still thousands of similar companies and businesses using Internet Explorer around the world. Microsoft has started warning for years about the recent termination of Internet Explorer. The company is still treading attentively with provokes and redirects users until the entire termination of the browser. The tech giant will continue its efforts in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Windows 11 users should not worry about Internet Explorer because it doesn’t ship with a version of IE. It marks the first time Microsoft hasn’t included IE with a new version of Windows for at least 20 years. This decision moved to the outrageous United States v. Microsoft antitrust fight and the action of the European Commission against Microsoft. It resulted in a browser choice inside convinced versions of Windows.

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