The Digital Age

Introducing The Digital Age and 4 Successful Tips of First IBO

To present my lesson plans to students at the start of the semester, I have been using web micropages since 2021 that I create on my iPad with the Adobe Spark Pages application. I’ll tell you how and why.

A Familiar Nightmare

I admit, it happens to me often. I wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat… It’s the same nightmare every time: the teacher enters his class on the first day of class… He smiles nervously, presents and takes attendance. Then, the fateful moment arrives: he puts a written document on the board and begins a long, boring speech on “his lesson plan”.

He shows us the document page by page, table by table. Usually it’s a Word file, Google Docs or some other such “beige” product. His intentions are good: he wants to discuss the next 15 weeks. But the message delivery method is really outdated!

Fortunately, it’s just a nightmare. This morning, I know that my reality as a teacher is different. My secret: the interactive lesson plan (ICP). What’s this? A dynamic, engaging and digitally adapted way to present an upcoming educational journey.

The ABCs of ICH

The PCI consists of presenting your lesson plan (progress, subjects covered, evaluations) in an attractive and engaging format for the participant. The use of a web micropage makes it possible to achieve this goal effectively, since it is necessary to move around the page to follow the teacher’s speech (“scroller” in the page). It is suggested to present the PCI in front of the class, but also to provide the hyperlink to the group. Each participant is then invited to follow the presentation.

To really enhance the experience, we occasionally place in the ICP questions or lines of thought that the student must deal with. Ideally, this content can even be linked to future summative assessments. We then benefit from the universally recognized student attitude which is “it’s on the exam, so I’m applying myself”.

Why Migrate to PCI?

The idea of ​​converting the presentation of the lesson plan into an exercise with added value takes on its full meaning when we see the importance that passion can bring to academic success. Passion in the learner often translates into increased motivation and increased academic achievement as a result.

In addition, involving the student in the use of digital is now recognized as an essential factor in the success of the effective and sustainable integration of digital . You don’t create a PCI for the “wow” effect, you create a PCI for the “wow, I understand the material better!

A Life Without Nightmares: The Way Forward

It’s good, it’s good: you are convinced and ready to start.

I suggest you have on hand: the Adobe Spark Page application (ideally on a tablet, it’s more intuitive), your complete lesson plan… and, in my experience, between 4 and 6 hours to do the conversion. a standard document into an interactive version. This is obviously 4 to 6 additional hours of work for “material that already exists”, but the sparkles in the eyes of your students will be your reward.

4 Essential Tips for a Successful First IBO

  • Ideal

length The length (duration) of the ICP should correspond to approximately 30 to 40 minutes of presentation. Students will appreciate the idea of ​​”scrolling” in your document, but there is still a limit: we are not at the casino!

  • Animated Elements Showing

titles or sections of text will make your document more attractive, more engaging. Adobe Spark Page does this automatically.

  • Desired Creativity

Do not hesitate to deviate from the standard lesson plan. We can choose to present certain parts of our course in an original or different way. For example, I applied “Comic” filters to the photos in my Interpretation of Pharmacology lesson plan. This is a suggestion made to me by Mélanie Giard, a teacher at Cégep du Vieux Montréal. The goal is not to reproduce in a hyper strict way the original document: it already exists.

  • Student Engagement

The student must have a task in the lesson plan submission process. This could be, for example, to solve certain puzzles concerning the matter to come.

Regarding the regular Obviously, a standard “paper” lesson plan continues to have its reasons for being. The student can refer to it for a more structured description of the subject, to consult the class rules in detail or to obtain equivalences in the event of a change of college.

Make no mistake: my regular lesson plans exist and they are very complete! It’s just that they are no longer the reference documents I use to log onto the “things that interest me” network of the router/brain of today’s young adults! The password for this network is “PCI” Watch out for capital letters!. Dua for studying.

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