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Hyperautomation is part of the remainder of business process automation above the limit of individual processes. This mechanism allows virtual automation for business users to perform repeating tasks. It takes hyperautomation to the next phase and presets the automation. This method dynamically discovers business processes and creates bots to equip them.

However, Hyperautomation software has now become part of the year’s best 10 strategic tech trends. This automation platform is aimed at actual digital transformation with a series of essential tools. These tools include RPA (Robotic Process Automation), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and ML (Machine Learning). They are working in accordance to automate more complicated business processes.

The Working Mechanism of Hyperautomation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning augmented RPA has become the key technology in enabling hyperautomation. The combination of AI technologies and RPA offers more flexibility to automate crucial processes.

Discovery Bot (Intelligent Process Discovery)

Intelligent process discovery uses AI to execute different processes and automatically create bots. It would enhance the effectiveness of automation up to 5 times more. The automation anywhere option enables business contributors to cooperate at every measure of their automation process. Business owners, analysts, efficient workers, and technical professionals can manage the supreme level of automation.

The automatic process discovery or task mining is a mechanism to unwrap business processes. It records users’ dealings with many systems such as ERP, BPM, ECM, CRM, and other enterprise solutions. This business process automation includes personal productivity applications including Microsoft Excel and Outlook as well as virtual and terminal environments.

The process discovery is capable of capturing user interaction with various applications. However, process mining can rebuild processes using enterprise solution-generated data from event logs. The event logs record essential data like mouse movements, for automatic bot creation and to identify RPA opportunities.

Bot Insight (Analytics and Insights)

Hyperautomation analytics stems from the data bots collected during their work. However, bot insight is aimed at self-observance and inspection within every bot to confirm the returns of complete information. Bot insight utilizes this key process information for hyperautomation analytics in making the next meaningful predictions.

Moreover, bot insight provides efficient access to insights related to your automatic automation program with a user-friendly visual panel. It allows sharing insights instantly from the panel to enhance visibility. APIs or native connectors can manage data with limitless softness in Microsoft Power BI or any desired analytics.

RPA or Robotic Process Automation

Software robots offer RPA error-free execution of organized business processes. RPA bots have the same digital automation skills similar to people executing process tasks in any application and environment. But it needs extraordinary softness to start immediately, manage on-demand, and work at a maximum pace.

Meanwhile, the automation 360 is the best cloud-oriented efficient, and effective platform. The world’s top organizations are enhancing their numbers of automated processes with the involvement of the RPA system’s infrastructure. The automation 360 is an efficiently integrated platform that exceeds front and back-office technology. It has the ability to automate different business processes across entire applications and systems.

IQ Bot for Intelligent Document Processing

The IQ Bot has the ability to deliver intelligent document processing with balanced technologies. It includes fuzzy logic, computer vision, OCR (optical character recognition), and ML (machine learning). This option can capture, classify, and recap shapeless information. IQ Bot typically creates flexible, acceptable, and intelligent bots and Digital Workers.

Moreover, IQ Bot integrates the power of RPA using AI technologies. It includes NLP (Natural Language Processing), fuzzy logic, ML (machine learning), and Computer Vision to classify automatically. IQ Bot has the capability to categorize, abstract, and authenticate information collected from emails and business documents.

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