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The Time for RSA Conversion has been Extended by Microsoft Advertising

The end date for the use of enlarged text advertising in Microsoft Advertising has had its deadline pushed back by two months as a result of this change.

Relax for a little while longer if you are a Microsoft advertiser who has been delaying the switch from expanded text advertisements (ETAs) to responsive search ads (RSAs). This change will not take place until the end of this year. Microsoft Advertising has announced today that the migration deadline will be extended to August 29 from June 30. Those who are having trouble integrating the new modern ad units into their accounts should find this extension of sixty days helpful.

In October, it was stated that ETAs will be depreciated, which would result in marketers losing the opportunity to establish new ETAs after the deadline. Importantly, if there are ETAs in the account and they were established before the cutoff time, they will still be eligible to show even though the deadline has passed. This new shift to the timeline will function in the same manner as the previous one, where ETA estimates generated before August 29 can show up after the new date.

Microsoft mentioned that according to internal data from 2021, “advertisers who have adopted RSAs on Microsoft Advertising experience an average increase in clicks by 17 percent and conversion rates of 11 percent,” despite the fact that these statistics do not include any information on costs or CPAs.

How to Make the Most of Your Move to RSAs and Ensure its Success?

Include at least one RSA in each of your ad groups. Doing so will ensure that your ad groups have a responsive option that can be used in conjunction with any legacy ETAs. It has been discovered that Google Ads gives the new format more impressions and has a bias for RSAs over ETAs. Google made this preference clear. You will be able to evaluate everything for yourself if you have at least one RSA in your accounts.

Transfer from Google Ads

 It is possible that the Google ppc agency Import tool will save you a significant amount of time if you are falling behind on the Microsoft platform but are ahead on the Google Ads platform. In order for advertisers to tick the RSA box, Google allows them to import RSAs from other sources.

RSAs and Ad Customizers Can Collaborate on the Following

In the beginning of this month, Microsoft made the announcement that RSA Ad customizers are now available in open beta. Contact your representative if you have ETA ad customizers that are performing effectively within Microsoft advertising at the moment and bring those customizers to RSAs if you want to showcase them.

If you still require assistance, Microsoft provides more assistance in the form of an RSA course that can be taken at any time and a virtual automation boot camp that will be held on May 10-12.

Why it matters to us if you are an advertiser and you were behind on RSA implementation, you now have an additional sixty days to bring yourself up to speed and get current. RSAs are the way of the future for search advertisements, so whether you like them or not, you need to include them in all of your ad groups.

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