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SpaceX Terminated Employees Over a Complaint about Elon Musk in an Open Letter

Multiple reports have confirmed that SpaceX has terminated various employees who criticized the president of the company in a letter. They shared a letter and alleged the behavior of CEO Elon Musk for his overreaching activism. The Verge first reported the open letter depicted behavior of Musk as a constant source of obstruction and humiliation.

This claims the “No Asshole” approach and inquires the company to openly address and criticize the hurtful Twitter approach from Musk. The letter says Elon is our CEO and most striking spokesperson and is considered the face of SpaceX. Every sent Tweet of Elon is the company’s de facto public statement. The letter added that it is crucial in making clear to SpaceX teams and its potential talent.

Shotwell Confirmed the Termination of Employees

The letter said the messaging Musk doesn’t reflect the company’s work, mission, or values. The president of SpaceX Gwynne Shotwell informed in an email to the news outlet. The email said there were a number of letter drafters terminated on Thursday afternoon. However, the New York Times first reported the news of the employee’s termination.

Shotwell said in the email that SpaceX has fired many employees involved in producing the letter. Moreover, the letter made the management angry because it motivated them to sign something that doesn’t reflect employees’ views. The letter also alarmed and frightened employees in the general process of making and feeling uncomfortable.

SpaceX Paid 250,000 to a Flight Attendant

He added the company has too much crucial work to finalize and doesn’t need this type of overreaching action. One of the employees expressed concerns and argued that the email from Shotwell is a deaf tone. The employee also maintained that the letter was the consequence of a month of devoted hard work and approaching feedback.

The employees are trying and ensuring they get as much input as possible in a specific time period. Meanwhile, Musk is also known as an inconstant figure and his behavior has allured more attention. In April, Musk proposed the acquisition of Twitter. However, he hasn’t yet finalized the deal of $44 billion. Insider also reported last month that SpaceX paid $250,000 to a flight attendant.

SpaceX Employees Received an Unasked Request

The news outlet said Musk allegedly exposed himself to her and proposed sex with her. However, Musk later joked on Twitter about the incident. He told another user that you can have a horse if you touch his wiener. But SpaceX settled the dispute and paid a massive amount for abusing flight attendants.

Moreover, the email from Shotwell also said most employees received an unasked request from a small group of SpaceX employees. The request needs a signature on an open letter and an employee’s participation in a specific survey. This open letter has upset various people based on varied employee feedback.

First Orbital Launch Attempt of Starship

Employees complained it intruded on their capability to emphasize and perform their work. This weekend, the company has 3 launches within 37 hours for important satellites. They affirmed their support delivered to astronauts of ISIS and brought cargo Dragon back to the flight-ready. Keep in mind that it received environmental approval at the beginning of the current week.

Shotwell said they are on the apex of the 1st orbital launch attempt of Starship. The company has extraordinarily crucial work to finalize, so there is no need for this type of overreaching action. The current team is very devoted to ensuring a greater and improved work environment. He said the employees must report their concerns to their leadership, HR, or senior management.

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