Want to Know About World’s Fastest Car?

Koenigsegg RegeraA new super car KOENIGSEGG REGRA with plug-in hybrid system has been launched. It was first revealed to the world At Geneva motor show in 2015. It’s a limited production super sports car. We can say that it is the most economical World’s fastest car as it only cost $2 million. And if we look at the price of other hyper cars of different manufacturers with lesser specification then Regra, they cost up to $4 billion. According to the makers its top speed is 410 km/h. and it is neither a super car nor a hyper car they called it a “Mega car” as it uses 1.11 mega watts from its plug-in hybrid source with no gear box. The typical KDD system of Koenigsegg Regra which was invented by “Christian von Koenigsegg” is applied in the transmission of new Regra due to which, it goes flat from 0-400 km/h. it means that the new Regra can hit the speed of 400 with a single transmission. It’s just astonishing that we just need to do a single transmission or just to apply a single gear to reach the maximum speed, wow! That is just unbelievable.

The other stats of Regra claimed by the manufacturer is that it can hit the meter of 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, 200 km/h in 6.6 seconds, 300 km/h in 10.9 seconds and 400 km/h in just 20 seconds. And the other noticeable feature of Koenigssegg Regra is that it posses the most powerful battery backup ever created for a production car with 4.5 kWh that produces 800 volts. It contains 5 L v8 twin turbo engines with 3 electric motors. If we talk about its exterior than no doubt it’s a complete package of luxurious style with unbreakable light weight material that is the carbon fiber. It is the only complete robotic car. As it features the hydraulic pumps and accumulators to control the active front and rear wings, it means that we can show or hide the front and rear wings. Not just wings, its hydraulic pumps allow us to control all body panels remotely.  That is just awesome that the wings are adjustable and this is the only car that posses this type of features as it said earlier that it is the complete robotized car so we can expect that type of features.

The Koenigsegg Regra is the master peace of luxury, style and speed with most affordable price. The interior of the car is a complete luxury as it is packed with the Apple ‘car play’, electrical adjustable foam seats, noise reduction, 3G Wi-Fi connectivity, a complete camera with all views and the most incredible feature is the car parking sensor. So we can say that the new Koenigsegg Regra is a car with the luxury at its best. Not only is the driving experience really smooth but also the travelling experience. The manufacturer assured the best luxurious performance with this incredible master peace in the World of Super cars. This car is capable to break many world records of speed. So if you want to enjoy a premium look with luxurious feel and high-end performance then go for the new KOENIGSEGG REGRA. As it is the best super car in the World. We can say that Regra is a multipurpose car as we can use this car for racing purpose as well as for travelling and family purpose. This car is simply ruling the World with its immense features and performance.

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