Renault to Launch a Real Flying Car “The Air 4” Sedan

Renault to Launch a Real Flying Car “The Air 4” SedanRenault is one of the best automakers presenting iconic models such as the 5 reimagined as a modern EV. The automaker is now aiming to present a whole new level of experience with the Air 4. It is a real flying car version with the body of the Renault 4 Sedan. The company is teamed up with a Miami-based design firm ‘The Arsenale’ to manufacture a human-sized drone with an advanced version of the 4 sitting on top. However, the new concept will mark the 60th anniversary of the Renault 4. Renault also issued a statement and wrote, “AIR4 is a symbol of independence and freedom, born out of the realization that traffic is compounding, lives are grinding to a halt, and the world above us is unhampered”.

Point to be noted that the body of the ‘Air 4’ is entirely built with carbon fiber and features a 22,000mAh battery (voltage not mentioned) that puts out a total power of 90,000mAh. Thrust is given as 95 kg or 209 pounds per propeller and could provide a total lifting capacity of around 840 pounds. The driver of the flying car can enter after lifting the entire body from the front and entering into an interior Renault describes as ‘utilitarian’. The Air 4 can take off at 31 MPH but it is currently limited to 9 MPH and can fly around at speeds of up to 58 MPH.

The Air 4 did briefly fly above but is now slated to go on display at the Atelier Renault Museum in Paris and elsewhere around the world, supposedly in Miami, New York, and Macau at the beginning of 2022. Renault once called the 4, but also known as the 4L or quatrellel, a “blue jeans” car. It was launched in 1961 with a cheap 603cc engine to operate the vehicle. The company sold at least 8 million models over 30 years across 100 countries, with the last version presented in 1992. Renault also announced its plans to revive that model as the Renault 4ever EV in 2025.

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