Remarkable Self-Driving Project i for Next Generation by BMW

BMWIt is not a joke that BMW is talking about designing and manufacturing the most intelligent car. The famous car manufacturing company is initiating the project i 2.0 and it would enhance the driving technology as it was boosted its project i for electric cars. It is important that BMW has claimed that it would improve the self-driving technology; in spite of there are a number of companies having the similar ideas. It is said that leading piece is the “iNext” vehicle and it would assumingly set latest standards for connectivity, EV tech, mapping, sensors and self-determination.

Point to be noted that “iNext” will not be available until the year 2020, but development in the technology of the company is not standing idle in this time-period. They are also planning for an upgrade of “i3” with enhanced range this year with a heavy battery. Its latest version will be presented in 2018 and named “i8 hybrid” including a plug-in hybrid version named “Mini”. In fact, BMW is looking to incorporate the future with latest versions and open arms. It would not be the first one in getting there, but it would be at the top of the list for greater inventions.

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